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What a wonderful time of the year fall is. The leaves change colours and the air smells of pumpkin spice. It’s also the perfect time for interior home painting and decorations. Here area some suggestions to make your home cozy with the newest trends.
Fall Interior Painting Ideas

With the air turning cooler and crisp during fall, we want to fill our homes with coziness and warmth. Here are some interior painting ideas with fall in mind:

Certain colours on the painting pallet are often associated with fall. Namely, the darker shades of orange, purple, brown, and green as they compliment nature in autumn. This fall colour trend may also be easily enhance by adding fall wreaths or floral arrangements to your rooms.

Planning your vision with colours is just like following a recipe; you need to measure your ingredients correctly in order to achieve the desired result. Because it’s all about balance. Colours help to create a room’s character. Sometimes the colour is the main ingredient, but sometimes it is just ‘a dash of that special spice’. For more painting ideas visit our blog about interior painting ideas.